Flora in the new studio, late afternoon

Daisy Craddock: Flora, DFN Projects with Garvey | Simon, February 8 - 26, 2024. Press Release

I still cycle between landscape and and the more abstract monochrome works on paper. These two directions begin to feel more related as time goes by. While they haven’t quite merged, my recent subject matter brings them closer than ever.

The first and largest painting in my upcoming show, Flora, was made over ten years ago and is exhibited for the first time here. I loved the red and white forms of azalea and garage but wasn’t sure where to go with them in the context of previous work.

Can an artist named Daisy get away with painting flowers? During a fraught yet somehow blissful (because surrounded by family) isolation brought on by the pandemic, I no longer cared. I won’t pretend these paintings were easy, although I hope they appear to be. Suddenly Azelea by the Garage has a context.

All of the smaller works were made on site from my beloved Germantown farmhouse, sold last summer to make way for a new chapter in my life. Painted from life over a period of days, these works are a combination of still life and plein air. As the sale of my farmhouse loomed, they became a tribute to my favorite views out the window and from the back porch. Both diary and refuge, they reach back to a timewhen I was painting landscapes from memory in my New York City studio. The Flora paintings in my new Clermont studio with astonishing 14 feet high walls. Stay tuned for a larger scale!