Sneak peak of new work in Germantown Studio, 2020

It’s been four years this August since I bought a fixer upper farmhouse with view in Germantown. It may take the rest of my life to come to terms with what folks here call the “view shed” but these recent works on paper and oil studies are a beginning.

I still cycle between making landscape paintings and drawings and my more abstract fruit diptcychs. These two directions begin to feel more related as time goes by. I use the same materials for all of my works on paper, oil pastels and oil sticks on Arches paper, often within a square format and with direct observation from life. Often limited to a single sitting, my landscape works on paper and small oil paintings record a moment in time and place, functioning almost like a diary. The larger oil paintings on canvas are made back in my studio using drawings as a reference. One step removed from their source, the subject of the large paintings often becomes “what happened” in the drawing.

Daisy Craddock

January, 2020