I still cycle between making landscape paintings and drawings and my more abstract fruit diptcychs. These two directions begin to feel more related as time goes by. I use the same materials for all of my works on paper, oil pastels and oil sticks on Arches paper, often within a square format and with direct observation from life.

In June, 2022 I was invited to join a group of mostly younger artists for a residency in Umbria, organized by artist and curator, Michelle Grabner. It was an incredibly productive time, culminating in a group show of my Italian fruit diptychs, first in Monte Castello di Vibio, Italy, followed by a one person show called "In Season" of recent Italian and Apple Diptychs at Carol Corey Fine Arts in Kent, CT.

The idea for my Apple Diptychs began last Fall at the height of apple picking season. Here in the Hudson Valley we are surrounded by small farms growing heirloom fruits and vegetables. My favorite roadside stands had seemingly endless displays of local apple varieties. I brought home a basketful and began studying them one by one. I researched their histories and of course taste tested as I visually explored my harvest, posting the final results on Instagram. This ongoing project began last September and ended with the "keeper" apples, which stored well into late March.

For a preview of my September show at Carol Corey Fine Art, click:


Daisy Craddock
September, 2022